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vanessa lamson

2 days ago

The staff was very helpful! I had a lot of questions, which they were quick to answer. I bought their video doorbell, because I'm always receiving packages, and I don't live in the safest neighborhood. It works great! So far, I haven't had any issues!

Bob Ma

A week ago

They helped install my AC and it was well worth the money for the job done and the friendly service!

Carmen Fritz

A week ago

Solardot's products are amazing, easy to use, beautiful, and perfectily within everyone's price range.

Wyatt Winn

A week ago

They were very quiet when installing my solar panels. I would highly recommend. I will be doing more business with them soon. Their installation has had no problems so far. They were nice and they were quick. Again I would highly recommend giving Solardot a look if you want quality.

Vanessa lamson

2 day ago

The staff was very helpful! I had a lot of questions, which they were quick to answer. I bought their video doorbell, because I'm always receiving packages, and I don't live in the safest neighborhood. It works great! So far, I haven't had any issues!

Samuel Hall

A week ago

SolarDot not only offers a source of clean, reliable, and affordable energy, but they also do so with a level of customer service that exceeds the other companies I contacted. I also loved the savings tool on their website which gave me options for rebates and cost reduction grants. I am very satisfied with this company and would recommend 5/5.

Kerriann Miguel

A week ago

Solar Dot provides a wide selection of products that can be utilized for a variety of household needs. From cameras to door locks to alarms, you can get everything you require quickly. They also contain solar panels, which is a pretty amazing thing. Climate change is a very serious issue and offering solar panels is an important step in solving the issue. They have even more products than what I mentioned, and I would recommend this company to anybody who requires any of their types of products!

Neely Hill

A week ago

I am so thankful for my experience with SolarDot. I had some issues with people lurking around my house and my children feeling unsafe, but after working with them and their Nest installation, we ALL sleep better at night. Thank you so much for your great customer service and answering all of the questions I had.

Lauren Sofranko

3 months ago

I absolutely love this company. The customer service is amazing and I really enjoy my Nest thermostat. Being able to control the temperature in my home while I’m away is one of the many reasons I like it.

Artem Alexandra

A week ago

I moved into an apartment with hair-trigger smoke alarms; when I turn on my oven, the alarms go off as soon as it's done warming up. When reading about the "Nest Protect" I thought it had sounded like the most ideal smoke and CO alarm. And the graphics on their website are absolutely gorgeous, the layout is very readable, understandable, user-friendly. I was most excited when I read something like "turn off your alarm with your phone and not your kitchen towel!" I was like, oh my gosh!! This is designed for me. It can actually tell between light smoke and burning smoke, and even steam. And another plus is that it is a "smart" product and there are no low-battery chirps!

Torey Russell

3 months ago-

Everyone should experience this company, their attentiveness, patience while educating us about everything involved, their products and services. A truly monumental savings for us as well as increasing our home ownership investment.

Greg Johnson

3 months ago-

Assisted me in installing the Nest Hello doorbell and found someone in my small town that was experienced to do the task. I needed this installed within a week and was completed in a single day. I looking into getting another installment for my sister and expect similar results. The camera is great and was also guided on all of the features in the android app.

Heather Rauschmeier

3 months ago-

SolarDot is a great company for solar panels as well as the security you need to protect you and your loved ones. I just got solar panels as well as the Nest thermostat and cameras installed. Not only do I feel a lot better now knowing that my family is safe, but the solar panels will improve energy efficiency and save me money in the long run!! Double score!! I highly recommend SolarDot, they are very professional and very helpful. I was explained exactly what was being installed and was also shown how everything works!!

Lauren Sofranko

3 months ago-

I really love this company. The customer support has been extremely helpful in helping me with my Nest thermostat and I absolutely love it!

Robert Thompson

3 months ago-

I can't recommend these guys enough. They did an excellent job of automating my home and business. I didn't realize technology came this far already

Orion Mills

3 months ago-

A pleasant atmosphere with kind, professional staff who were glad to help with any of my questions. Would highly recommend!





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