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Technical Specs

45.3" / 1150 mm 29.7" / 755 mm 6.1" / 155 mm
  • Dimensions(W/H/D in cm) Base cabinet (5.0kWh): 88/67/23 Dimensions 5-10kWh : 137/67/23 Dimensions 5-15kWh : 186/67/23 height X width X depth
  • System scope Complete storage system, ready to
  • System intelligence Automatic increase of household energy consumption during periods of high energy generaton, predictive and intelligent charging, optimization of energy usage according to daily weather data updates.
  • Preium gurantee 10 years
  • Storage capacity 5kWh - 15 kWh (expandable in steps of 2.5 kWh post installation)
  • Lifespan 10,000 charge cycles
  • Complete storage system Everything included, ready to connect
  • Intelligent integration All common heat pumps and cogeneraton units
  • sonnenbatterie hybrid output 5,5 kW (upto 6,4 kWp PV -output)
  • sonnenbatterie eco output 2,5 - 3,3 kW

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